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2018 Spin United


You SPIN, We All Win. Be there January 21, 2018, 9 am - 2 pm.

Join us for our 5th annual event to raise money to assist our friends, families, and neighbors with shelter, food, access to health care, education, and financial services.
Spin for one hour, two hours.. six hours! Registration fee is per hour. Teams can spin separately or together. Event will take place at our host Middlebury Fitness.
In 2017 you raised over $11,000!!  If we had twenty teams and if each team raised $1000 just imagine what we could do together!!!


2018 Teams will be listed here as they register.

Bread Loaf Spinners 2018 (Captain: Leslie O'Halloran)

Flywheel (Captain: Ashley LaDuke)

VT State Police (Captain: Jeff Danoski)

VT Dept of Health (Captain: Moira Cook)

SpinCycle (Captain: Nancy Luke)

MiddSpin (Captain: Ann Hanson)

Team Midd (Captain: Abby Blum)

Juice Amour (Captain: Sheri Bannister)

Koskinen Dental (Captain: Jeanette Brush)

Mountain Health Center (Captain: Roger Winters)

Yoga Grace (Captain: Jen Peterson)


Check out our 2017 Teams                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Bread Loaf Spinners (Captain: Leslie O'Halloran)

FlyWheel (Captain: Ashley LaDuke)

MiddFit (Captain: Jeanette Brush)

Midd Loons (Captain: Karl Lindholm)

MiddSpin (Captain: Ann Hanson)

MiddYoPros (Captain: Alice Wang)

Milo Memorial (Captain: Susan Schaefer)

Old Spokes (Captain: Andrew Menkart)

Porter Peddlers 1 (Captain: Nicole Webb)

Porter Peddlars 2 (Captain: Stacey Dwire)

Spin Cycle (Captain: Nancy Luke)

Team CSAC 1 (Captain: Marc Werner-Gavrin)

Team CSAC 2 (Captain: Marc Werner-Gavrin)

Team Edgewood (Captain: Laura Rumbough)

Team Midd 1 (Captain: Abby Blum)

Team Midd 2 (Captain: Abby Blum)

Team Schiffer (Captains: Ira & Linda Schiffer)

Spinderella (Captain: Lynn Dunton)


Top 3 Teams: 1st Place; MiddSpin $1505, 2nd Place; Team Midd $1236, 3rd Place; Team Edgewood $1120

Top 3 Individuals: 1st place: Ann Hanson $1405, 2nd Place; Abby Blum $1236, 3rd Place; Jeanette Brush $775