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Anne Ginevan Special Projects Grant

Anne Ginevan Special Projects Grant

 Anne Ginevan Grants are available for non-profit organizations that encounter an emergency situation or unforeseen opportunity.  This can include items such as: emergency repairs, unexpected loss of funding, unexpected programming needs that address an unforeseen situation or matching funds for an unanticipated opportunity.   This grant does not fund on-going operating expenses that were anticipated or should have been anticipated.


This fund was established in 1998 by the Board of Directors to honor the work of past Executive Director, Anne Ginevan.  The Board determines the amount available in this fund annually as part of the budgeting process.  Grants range from $500 to $5,000 with an average grant amount of $1,000. Unused dollars are returned to the general budget at the end of each year.

1.      Request for monies from Anne Ginevan Special Projects Fund should be in writing and include information, at a minimum:

a. Description of the specific program, unforeseen opportunity, and/or emergency expense to be covered by the funding including:

            -  Documentation of and explanation of why the expenses is special, unforeseen or an
            - Number of people who will be served by the program
b. Statement that the request has been approved by the director of the applying organization

c. Statement as to whether the project and/or expense will be continued in the future and how it will be funded in the future

            d. Information about what other resources the applicant has sought or is using to cover
    the expense
e. If the request is more that $1,000, a copy of the applicant’s annual budget

            g. Date when funds are needed

2.       Grants from the Anne Ginevan Special Projects Fund will not be made to cover the following expenses:

            a. Salaries
            b. Recurring programs and/or expenses (after the first year)
            c. Capital expenses (except in the case of emergencies)

    d. Entertainment or refreshments

3.     Recipients of funds shall submit a report to the United Way of Addison County after expenditure of the funds detailing the actual use of the funds. 

Amended: 10/17/05
Rewritten – this guideline no longer in effect – 4/2/07 policy committee and approved by exec committee
Revised – 10/14/13