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United Way of Addison County is kicking off our fundraising campaign and we are calling for your support!  Here at your local United Way we work with our community to identify and tackle priority needs. We believe that our success is your success.
This year’s goal is $650,000. Challenging, yes, but aiming lower is not an option because needs are not getting smaller and UWAC is investing in the very foundation of what makes a vital community.
Successful education outcomes
Services that reduce health care costs and improve quality of life
Systems and services that promote financial stability
Involved citizens with a passion for the common good
Every donation increases support to dozens of remarkable non-profits that work in these priority areas. Please read this list of our 2016 Community Impact Partners to fully appreciate the importance of our work. Each year UWAC trains community volunteers to review grant proposals, interview potential grantees, and make funding recommendations based on the quality and impact of each organizations programs.
Every donation also means United Way can better identify roadblocks to success and fill these gaps. 
Some examples of low-cost, high –impact programs include:
UWAC is protecting the financial stability of low-income families, which increases the financial stability of the whole community. The “Earn It, Keep It, Grow It” program teaches basic financial literacy to low-wage employees in the workplace. Free tax preparation ensures low-income families access tax benefits they deserve. Funding our Community Impact Partners enables reliable transportation, childcare, housing and basic needs to keep individuals working.
UWAC is working with the schools to expand the “Everybody Wins!” Reading Mentoring Program. The program promoted reading proficiency for third graders, an educational benchmark that can determine success or failure in future academics. Did you know that 25% of third graders in Addison County currently are not reading at grade level? This number jumps to 37% for children in poverty.
UWAC facilitates the 5 Town Drug and Safety Committee. We all know our community is threatened by very real substance abuse problems. Under UWAC’s leadership, students, teachers, education officials, law enforcement, business owners, clergy, health and human service providers (to name a few) have come together to develop coordinated responses to this complex challenge, and progress is being made!  Please visit our website to learn more about this.
Of course, none of this is possible without passionate and committed volunteers who, like UWAC believe each of us have a role to play in creating a better Addison County.
You have an important role to play as a donor. Every gift, no matter the size, determines the ability of UWAC’s partners and programs to make gains in health, education and financial stability. You can learn more and even make a donation on the UWAC website, but please act now. Donate on-line or call us for a pledge form as soon as possible, and alongside us, take pride I how you are building a successful Addison County.