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Everybody Wins! Vermont

UWAC is partnering with Everybody Wins! Vermont to provide reading mentors to read with primary school students. 

The Power Lunch program matches students with adults who come to school once a week to eat lunch, read and play literacy games, foster the love of reading, and develop a positive relationship with a student.

EverybodyWins! programs are now in Mary Hogan School, Middlebury, Salisbury Community School, and Shoreham Elementary School.

Please call our Volunteer Center 388-7189 to volunteer.

We are proud to announce that our reading mentoring program is expanding!

Our partnership with Everybody Wins VT!, Salisbury and Shoreham Elementary Schools, and the Volunteer Center has successfully launched two reading mentoring programs with 35 mentoring pairs meeting on a weekly basis. 

We expanded to Bridport Elementary School in the fall of 2013 and  into Vergennes in the spring of 2014.

What do your fellow community members have to say about this program?

Ann Keogh, of Waltham, has been volunteering for Everybody Wins! for the past four years and loves EVERYTHING about being a Reading Mentor! “I'm really just delighted to see the expressions on my students’ faces. I love being responsive and in the moment. It's also great seeing everyone involved in the program.” EW! administrators marvel at Ann’s enthusiasm: “She is so dedicated to our program that she mentors TWO students - one on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. Ann’s energy, smile and caring ways make her students jump with joy when they see her walk through the school doors!”