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Addison County Mentoring Collaborative

DREAM with us.

United Way is partnering with a group Addison County leaders from the business, education and mental health fields to better serve our Opportunity Youth--that is the more than 500 youth aged 16-25 in this county who are not in school or are at risk of dropping out and are not employed.  The group was convened as part of Unitedy Way's Regional Partnership Prevention grant and in response to data collected by a working group of the Addison County Economic Development Council that suggests there is more that could be done to ensure that Opportunity Youth have access to all the support and resources they need to complete school and find gainful employment.  Launched in August, the steering committee is currently reaching out to Opportunity Youth to better understand their experience and is surveying the organizations and institutions with which they interface to map out the resources available to them and how that is coordinated.  They are also researching successful mentoring models for this population as a potential enhancement to services.  The goal is to bring voice and action to what more is need to make and keep connection for these valued youth in our community.

Stay tuned for more information as this program progresses and dream along with us for a better future for all our youth!