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United Way of Addison County

This year, United Way of Addison County is celebrating its 50 years as a leader in the community.

In 1968, the Cornwall United Fund became the United Fund of Addison County. And in 1969, the United Fund received nonprofit status. It wasn’t until 1974 that the name was changed to United Way of Addison County.

Since the beginning, United Way has been an organization driven by commited volunteers. It is through their efforts that UWAC is able to fund non-profit health and human service agencies and programs that enrich the lives of those who live and work in Addison County.

For 50 years, United Way has taken a leadership role in the community, bringing people and resources together to address community needs. Now United Way of Addison County is in a unique position to see what services are available, act as convener of organizations and be a leader in solving local problems.Day of Caring 2012

“The United Way is woven into the fabric of life in Addison County. The people who have taken leadership roles in the UWAC over the years have demonstrated keen awareness and foresight in adapting to changing social service needs as our community has grown. The organization has surely earned the wide support it enjoys.” Ann Ross, Co-Founder

Not Your Grandfather's United Way!

United Way of Addison County still provides solutions to Addison County's toughest problems, but we are not your grandfather's United Way.

Today we are bringing people, organizations, and community together around a common cause, a common vision, and a common path forward. We bring people together from all walks of life to be a part of local solutions. We are engaging community members who are powering big ideas and big action by donating, volunteering and speaking out through United Way.

It's a Team Effort

We're not doing it alone. United Way of Addison County is able to make a lasting difference because we work together with stratgic partners who share our vision. This year alone UWAC partnered with law enforement, the medical community, 3 schools including both educators and students, professionals in the film industry, and the state of Vermont to bring a program to young people in Addison County that educates them on the dangers and realities of substance abuse, an issue that is of great concern to all Vermonters. This is just one example of many collaborations happening every day as we partner with local organization who provide health care, food, shelter, and a myriad of other services right here in our own backyard.


You can see our evolution through the lens of 2-1-1 (, a free and confidential hotline that helps thousands of people in Addison County find resources they need 24-7.